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Windows 7 aus VHD-Datei booten

8. April 2009

Dieses Feature von Windows 7 erlaubt es, das Betriebsystem virtuell zu betreiben, gleichzeitig aber die gesamte Rechnerpower zur Verfügung zu haben.
knom’s developer corner – Windows 7 – VHD Boot – Setup Guideline
Hier die Beschreibung der einzelnen Schritte (ACHTUNG: erst die Vor- und Nachteile lesen!):

  1. Boot the system with a setup DVD or USB stick.
  2. At the setup screen, don’t choose “Install Now”, but click “Repair your Computer”.
  3. At the next screen (asking which existing installation should be repaired), select NO installation at all, but instead click into the empty space and press Next.
  4. Now you’ll be presented the “System Recovery options” screen.
    There, simply select “Command Prompt” to get into a command prompt and execute a few commands. A quite complex way to get into cmd out of setup, but it’s useful for a bunch of things!
  5. Enter diskpart to start the partitioning utitlity.
  6. Create a new VHD file by entering
    create vdisk file=”D:\pathToVhd.vhd” type=expandable maximum=maxsizeInMegabyte
    For differencing VHDs you need to add an additional parameter parent=”D:\pathtoparent.vhd”.
  7. Now select the new VHD and attach it as a physical disk.
    select vdisk file=”D:\pathToVhd.vhd” attach vdisk
  8. After that switch back to the setup window (e.g. using ALT+TAB) and start the setup.
  9. Proceed the normal setup, but make sure you install to the correct disk (normally the last one), ignore the “Windows cannot install to this disk” warning!!